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The Rising Concerns Of Coronavirus in the USA & Its Effects On The Finance Industry

Coronavirus has become a global pandemic and is causing serious damage all over the world. Many countries have lost families to this deadly virus and the vaccine is yet to be discovered. Many people infected with this deadly virus will experience some respiratory illness and will surely recover without needing any special attention. People are being advised to stay indoors and prevent any physical contact with each other as the virus is mainly spreading through skin contact or breathing.

Rise of CoronaVirus in USA:

In the USA the coronavirus cases are rising every day and the number of deaths are also reaching their peak. Although people are recovering from this disease, a life once lost cannot be brought back. People are being advised to stay indoors to prevent the virus from spreading. Reports are coming in regarding medical supplies as there is a shortage of medicine in health departments. The higher authorities are locking down states and advising people to cooperate to prevent any other outbreak. Still, the issue of ventilators and medicines being short is still at hand.

On the other hand, the coronavirus has made it really essential for certified public accountants to work remotely and practice social distancing. Colleges and Universities have cancelled all in-person classes due to coronavirus usa and are teaching students online.The CoronaVirus has the power to change the platform for the CPAs who work to prepare a company's financial statements. Auditors are also affected by this. Coronavirus impact on business has also a huge graph. Many business owners are facing tremendous losses due to this virus. CoronaVirus business impact has brought many companies under loan.

Effect of CoronaVirus on Finance Department:

A CFO pulse survey polled around 50 finance leaders regarding the effect coronavirus has on their companies. The finance leaders in the USA and Mexico are focusing on keeping the economic sector stable because the CoronaVirus is dropping the market. Because of the COVID-19 many companies are experiencing some changes and are bringing their daily routines to adapt to this new change. However, more than 80 percent of the finance leaders polled and said that their businesses would return to normal state in about three months if this virus were to end immediately, which has a very low percentage of happening soon given the circumstances. 

Fieldwork can be a threat to auditors as it can bring several problems with it. In order to support their audit opinion the regulators indicated concern that auditors might face difficulties gaining access to evidence or any other information they might be needing. The disclosures controlled by the FASB Accounting Standards Codification is of great concern to the regulators and it that it might have a great effect on them.

Moreover, during another poll a few of the finance leaders pointed towards their respective companies saying that they are not moving forward with any financial actions due to the virus. Only a few voted in favor saying that they are considering supply chain changes. 

Continuous interferences in the global supply chains and other business activities have made the SEC and the PCAOB to release limited guidance to the public companies in regards to their response to the pandemic.

The specialists are being advised to observe regulators statements closely by the center of Audit Quality (CAQ), that is affiliated by the AICPA. Furthermore, they also are to keep those statements in mind and try not to forget them as they are the key to survival.

Effect of Corona On Accounting Financial Audits:

The epidemic might affect the audits so in order to prevent that from happening the accounting firms are implementing backup plans, said Andrew Imdeike who is an assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame. 

The planning meetings are of importance as they determine the client's current standing, not just in case of the business operations and key accounts, but if the staff is present to meet and greet the auditors or whether its offices and facilities have been locked up. In addition to that, travel bans might prevent visiting the client.

It was published that this virus may have an affect on the revenue estimates which involve variable consideration and the customers pay, on the PwC LLP website. Stock reimbursement, untouchable assets, impairments to goodwill and a group of other accountants are subject to substantial change as advised by the firm. The PwC advises that the devaluation expenses for idle facilities should still be recognized. Moreover, they also have predicted some effects for hedging contracts for estimated cash flow.

Coronavirus impact on accounting has become a hot topic these past few days. Many finance companies are moving forward to solve this problem and stop the downfall of their company. The normal daily processes are changing with the flow. This might just help prevent any major damage to the industry.

Among the list of complex tasks, accounting estimates have been there for far too long. In future reporting periods the auditors might experience difficulties in the assessments of clients accounting measures. Normal business routines like distribution and production will suffer some effect. In addition to this many remarkable accounts, including sales, inventory, and debt expenses are going to expect some changes as acknowledged by the auditors.

Meetings conducted Face-to-face with clients remain an important part of the audit process. People who prefer these in-person meetings will surely face difficulties because of the pandemic. Some people say that it might be pointing towards some modifications to the normal audit procedures.

Auditors who wish to visit sites owned by their clients might need a new strategy or a new plan because of the travel restrictions that have been put into place by the government because of the virus. 

The main part that most of the finance institutions and companies are focusing on is the student sector. CPAs that are getting ready to transform into a future ready CPA can help accounting students during this epidemic. They can assist them in continuing their studies through distance learning and save their time. Being away from work doesn’t reject paying it forward.


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